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Juniper Borregas

GC - San Jose Construction
Location - Sunnyvale, CA
Square Footage - 30,000

Features: Over 1,600 tons of chilled water capacity. Working closely with Juniper's property development and IT group, UMI put together a very efficient layout of CRAC units to maximize Juniper's rack capacity to the fullest. Additionally, we worked with Juniper's facilities group to develop standards for how to manage the lab and server spaces. Our engineer worked with PG&E to ensure both a large rebate and the most energy efficient and environmentally sound design. The system included the advanced technologies of variable flow primary chilled water system which were included as part of the PG & E rebate. The system incorporates a built up 100% airside economizer system which provides optimal long term energy efficiency.



GC - Matt Construction
Location - Santa Clara, CA
Square Footage - 150,000

United Mechanical was the selected contractor for phase I and due to our performance became the design/assist contractor for phase II. Phase I consisted of 2200 tons of a water cooled chilled water place with custom air handling units located on the roof. Phase II consists of over 4000 tons of semi-custom rooftop packaged units with direct evaporative pre coolers. Water cooled chilled water plant using variable flow primary technology. Custom chilled water air handling units. Semi-custom rooftop packaged air conditioning units with direct evaporative pre-coolers.

Other Projects

Telenav Headquarters

Location - San Jose, CA
Square Footage - 175,000
HQ Relocation and Expansion, 3-Building Campus

Ericsson Data Center

Location - San Jose, CA
240 Ton Hi-Density Server Room

Polycom Inc. HQ

Location - Sunnyvale, CA
Square Footage - 178,000
HQ Relocation and Expansion


Location - San Jose, CA
Service for 3- 3 story buildings and Data Center, various IT Projects

Qualcomm QMT-CP-5

Location - San Jose, CA
Square Footage - 60,000 Office Space + 50,000 Clean Room


Location - San Jose, CA
Square Footage - 200,000
Data Center - complete air distribution upgrade
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