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Qualcomm Clean Room

Qualcomm Clean Room

Owner: Qualcomm
General Contractor: Devel Construction
Location: San Jose, CA
Project Value: $11,400,000

This Project consisted of 60,000 square feet of all new Class 10, Class 100, Class 1000, and Class 10,000 Clean Room. The environmental requirement was -69 degrees +/- 1 degree F 45%RA +/- 5%.

  • (3) Haakon Custom Air Handlers
  • (52) Hunt Air recirculating air handlers
  • (2) Centrifugal chillers and (2) cooling towers
  • (1320) HEPA filters
  • VOC scrubbers
  • Fume scrubbers
KLA Tencor

KLA Tencor B5W Clean Room

Owner: KLA Tencor
General Contractor: San Jose Construction
Location: Milpitas, CA
Square Footage: 30,000

The KLA building 5 west cleanroom is a 30,000 square foot class 100 space with a small class 10 assembly area. The HVAC system included the installation of (8) chilled water recirculation air handling units and (1) chilled water makeup air handling unit complete with steam humidifier. New variable speed secondary pumps were install and connected to the existing site chilled water system along with new 10” chilled water main piping from the utility yard to the new air handling equipment. The process piping included CDA, Nitrogen and instrument vacuum. A complete process cooling water system was installed, including a cooling water skid complete with a heat exchanger, buffer tank, variable speed pumping and UV purification.

Compugraphics Clean Room

Compugraphics Clean Room

Owner: Compugraphics
General Contractor: Devcon Construction
Location: Fremont, CA
Square Footage: 44,000

For the Compugraphics Clean Room project, UMI worked with an existing older clean room system comprised of 3 packaged AC units and 7 transfer fans ducted to HEPA filters in the clean room. UMI’s scope in the clean room consisted of:

  • A new controls system to bring one the clean room AC units online only in a backup capacity
  • A scrubbed exhaust system with connections to emergency power and new AWN system
  • A supply fan system with controls that allow the clean room to maintain positive pressure even in case of power failure
  • Repairing existing ductwork above the clean room ceiling to minimize leakage and maximize clean room air flow
  • Balancing of air flow at HEPA filters
  • Controls systems interlocks with plumbing systems
  • UMI installed a humidifier system at the roof to maintain the clean room at 40% RH +/- 5%

Potential Project Addition:

  • Addition of supplemental cooling via a chilled water pre-cooling system to deal with the added heat load in the clean room from a higher tool density and higher outside air intake than intended at the original building design

Cepheid Clean Room

General Contractor: Slymar Construction
Location: Lodi & Sunnyvale, CA

Cepheid is a molecular diagnostic company that is # 1 in the industry due to its accurate genetic and organism based diseases. To accomplish these accurate test we have designed and built systems to support multiple clean rooms and dry rooms to meet their requirements of certified products going out the door. In our designs we have provided multiple chillers ,cooling towers, Air handlers, Heat exchangers, compressors and hundreds of HEPA filters to meet there clean room required temp and low levels of particulates. We have also used the system in place to provide different temps of process cooling for their tools that manufacture there molds and products.

Aurora Networks

Aurora Networks Clean Room

General Contractor: South Bay Construction
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Aurora Networks is the leading innovator of advanced, next-generation optical transport and access systems for broadband networks that support the convergence of video, data and voice applications. The company is at the forefront of the evolution of optical transport and access networks, delivering pioneering products and solutions that enable broadband service providers to deliver the capacity, flexibility and services end users demand, now and into the future. To stay ahead in the industry they build test products in house before manufacturing large scale overseas in cleanrooms we have designed and built to ensure the highest quality of product.

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