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Kaiser, Maple Building

Location - Redwood City, CA

Features: Upgrading HVAC from a water source heat pump systems to a 100% outside air VAV system with hot water reheat. Project is still in design. Project will consist of installing a temporary cooling tower to keep the building on-line at all times. The building will be fully occupied and all work will happen at night. The HVAC in the building will retrofitted zone by zone with access only through the roof. There will be two different types of systems running simultaneously in the building as the retrofit happens. At the end of the day the old system will be phased out and the new system in place. The building will also be upgraded to a DDC system.

Regional Medical Center

Regional Medical Center

Location - San Jose, CA
Sq. Footage - 118,000

The HVAC system was design/building shell and core $1.2 million contract. The system consisted of (2) rooftop variable air volume units, heating hot water system and general exhaust for the facility. The HVAC scope also included the necessary core build out to provide the tenants with a complete warm shell. An energy management system was install to manage and maintain the HVAC system.

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