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UMI management is committed to a safe and healthy culture that protects all employees, subcontractors, the public, and recognizes the importance to comply with regulations governing accident prevention and employee safety and health. To this end, UMI provides routine safety training, jobsite specific safety training, safe tools and equipment and a dedicated staff of safety and loss control professionals. All foremen have received the OSHA-500, 10-Hour Outreach Safety Certification and receive monthly specific safety training and communication. All employees receive pre-hire UMI safety orientation along with jobsite specific safety orientations. All UMI employees consider safety as being part of their job and not separate entities"

Patty Middleton, UMI Safety and Risk Manager

Patty MiddletonPatty Middleton joined the UMI team as Safety Director overseeing and managing all safety operations and workers compensation claims. Patty has over 17 years of experience in Construction Safety and is an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer, certified "Train the Trainer" for Hilti, and competent person trained in fall protection and ladders. Patty implements and oversees the entire safety program. She performs in-house training for employees on all safety procedures- including fall protection, ladder safety and aerial working platforms. In addition, Patty conducts weekly tailgate meetings and jobsite inspections. "I firmly believe that training, experience, and a commitment to safety by using behavior based programs will create a team culture resulting in fewer accidents and will set the foundation for our company to excel in all areas of safety."

United Mechanical Inc. Safety Stats
Year EMR
2017 0.50
2016 0.56
2015 0.68

Injury Free Environment

UMI is committed to providing an injury free environment. Our safety culture is based on teamwork and each and every employee is integral to our safety success. Regular safety meetings, training and a creative safety incentive program have helped us to achieve the following awards.

NewCon Safety Award

United Mechanical has won the Certificate of Achievement for achieving OSHA rates under the industry average for two consecutive calendar years from 2015-2016.

SMACNA 2005 "0" Injury Award

SMACNA 2005 Safety Statistics Evaluation and Awards program – 2nd Place for lowest injury/illness rate in the 25,001-50,000 man hour category.


ISN provides an online contractor management database, ISNetworld. ISN collects health, safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information designed to meet governmental record keeping and Owner Client requirements. Through its Review and Verification Services (RAVS), ISN's subject matter experts review and verify contractors' self-reported information.

United Mechanical is a member of ISN and holds a letter grade of 'A.' United Mechanical has fulfilled the necessary requirements of ISNETWORLD in order to work with several of our Health Care / Pharmaceutical, Facilities Management and Manufacturing partners.

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